Personal Chef services

If you require a personal chef for your holiday booking, villa, chalet or yacht then look no further. 

With experience in all of the above, I can provide the services and cuisine style that you require. With a great understanding of many dietary requirements and cooking styles from family meals to high end, Michelin star level dinner parties, we can cater for all needs.

A private chef will work in your villa/chalet for the full day, providing you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. All menus and food preferences will be discussed in great detail with you first, in order to ensure that you get exactly what you like. The chef keeps your kitchen immaculately clean and will even prepare coffees and drinks for you throughout the day. I source the best local ingredients and do all the provisioning (at the clients expense)


Prices start at around £250 per day for the chef and a professional butler can be hired upon request for around £200 per day. 

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